Daily Used List     

  1.  Windows 8.1 64 bit and Windows 7 32 bit. Two dev machines now.    
  2.  Visual Studio.NET I am using V2008,  V2013, and V2015 now.     
  3. SQL Server Management Studio I am using V2014 now.     
  4. Firefox big fan of FF. I like have some extentions on all my work and home machines: Adblok plus, Greasemonkey, DownloadHeler, piclens, etc.   
  5. Baidu Pan 2 Terabyte of free cloud storage with Baidu for life for free. Unlimited bandwidth. I use SkyDrive as well.
  6. MyGeneration an open source code generator. It's template based. I have lots of template for generate Sprocs, business entity class, XML database schedule for reporting. Great productivity tools for developers.     
  7. dotPeek or JustCompile Every .Net developer should has .NET decompiler installed.     
  8. WinMerge an open source differencing and merging tool.     
  9. Cropper or Greenshot a screen capture tool is needs for documentation and better communication with your end users.  Snipping Tool works very well too if you don't want to download and install.  
  10. Notepad2     
  11. Vmware Player or VirtualBox for testing and try on new software     
  12. Some of Mark Russinovich's Sysinternals Tools     
  13. MS Office  2013 version now. I use Outlook a lot. Also like the Lync , use the "Share Desktop", save me time to fix end user's problem. 
  14. SQL Complete A nice FREE add-in for SSMS.


Visual Studio.Net Addins     

  1. Crystal Report for .Net Framework.     
  2. Consolas Font  a ClearType font for VS.Net     
  3. MS Team Foundation Server Explorer     
  4. ReSharper No.1 choice for refactoring and also has other nice feature. Only complain is consuming more resource and slow down my VS.   
  5. Vibrant Ink Theme my VS is black background and with colouring text. I use Johan Lam 's vs setting with my modifications.


.Net Component     

  1. Microsoft Enterprise Library great application blocks. I mostly use data access, caching, and logging blocks.     
  2. DevExpress .Net Controls  used in all my projects for many years.   
  3. iTextSharp a great open source PDF library     
  4. ZedGraph an open source chart component.     
  5. NLog a free logging platform for .NET.



  1. Paint.NET a free image editing software has all features I need.     
  2. Redmine an open source project management web application using Ruby on Rails.     
  3. CentOS I use this distribution for server application and Fedora for desktop OS.     
  4. FileZilla an open source FTP solution.     
  5. WinSCP anohter open source SFTP tool.     
  6. Live Writer makes life easier for blog and publish something to MOSS.     
  7. Metro Studio when I need icon(over 2500 metro style icon for free).
  8. Daemon Tools Lite or Virtual Clone Drive both are good. However, I find virtual clone drive works better under Windows 7 64 bits.
  9. SlickRun a free and neat floating command line utility for Windows.